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Gordini Socks: Campaign Success

03.04.24 by Jeff C


In the summer of 2022, Libre embarked on an exciting collaboration with Gordini, a renowned innovator in winter gloves, to pioneer their latest breakthrough: ‘dual-layer socks’. 

Our journey began with redefining the brand hierarchy, strategically integrating this new category within Gordini’s esteemed portfolio. Embracing a fresh color palette, bespoke handwritten typography, and an intuitive icon system, we infused the brand with renewed energy and identity. Elevating the visual narrative, we introduced original pattern designs and a distinct photography style, seamlessly blending macro shots of the sock fabric with lifestyle and product imagery. Additionally, we meticulously engineered in-store experiences with eye-catching point-of-sale displays and packaging designs.

To ignite anticipation and ensure maximum visibility for the new product line, the Libre team dedicated countless hours to crafting compelling videos, advertising creatives, ambassador collaborations and email campaigns leading up to the highly anticipated October 2023 launch.

As the 2023/2024 winter season draws to a close, we are elated by the resounding success of the dual-layer socks. Not only did they emerge as top-selling SKUs at retail locations, but they also commanded an impressive 26% share of online sales. Remarkably, three of the socks claimed positions within the top five best-selling products throughout the entire winter season. With such remarkable results, we eagerly anticipate the continued growth and success of this innovative product category in the years ahead.

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